About Us

Ningbo Forward Plastic is a manufacturer that produces plastic articles by injection molding. We OEM&ODM plastic material related products covering multiple categories like garden, party, outdoor, Led lighting, consumer electronics and other consumer daily goods.

Our company is located in Simen, Ningbo, China, occupying an area of more than 6,000 square meters of construction land. We have regular 120 employees and when it hits busy season it could be 150-200 workers to work on 6 25-meter-long production lines at same time. Daily production output is very likely met with clients’ requirements. We have 3 QC to guarantee the products’ quality.

The factory is divided mainly by two parts: assembly workshop and injection molding plastic workshop. We have 15 injection molding machines to work 24 hours nonstop with 3 shifts of workers everyday.

Forward plastic has self-owned right to import and export goods. Past clients include Wal-Mart, LIDL, Dollar Tree, Dollar General, Five below, Family dollar etc. Annual value of production is above 6m US dollars. Factory has passed Wal-Mart, BSCI, WCA, SQP, SMETA audits.


Factory Pictures